Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Review – Can It Improve Your Game?

Golf equipment manufacturers are battling it out over accessory and wearable innovations, with one model after the other being released in quick succession. It seems competition is getting steeper and sharper as each put on their A-game to deliver a golf aide most suited to improving your game. The golf swing analysis category is one open field where competition is the hottest. Tons of golf swing analyzer sensors and apps are already present and the market is still growing as manufacturers try to beat off the competition.

Zepp, one of the leaders in golf technology is gearing up the battle with the Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer, an advancement on their first swing analyzer offering. As if the 3D swing analysis of Golf 1 is lacking, Zepp took their technology a notch higher to produce Golf 2 that features a new design, more accurate and dynamic data analysis, and an additional training program.

Physical Upgrades

Let’s look first at the more visible change Zepp did to their new golf swing analyzer. From the previous square shape, Zepp’s Golf 2 is now round, but still looks the same for me. It has an increased battery life from 5 to 8 hours on full charge and continuous use. An extra accelerometer was added to provide more accurate swing data. These updates, along with some others (which we will be discussing in this review) come with an increase in the retail price of the unit.


Zepp, with the Golf 2 Swing Analyzer, continued with the glove-attach sensor that is more convenient for playing because you don’t need to remove it when switching clubs, unlike the other clip-on the shaft sensors. In this manner the the Zepp Golf 2 can be more durable than other golf swing analyzers because it stays in place most of the time. The small size of the sensor is almost weightless, so you won’t feel there’s an attachment on your glove at all.

The whole function of the analyzer is fulfilled from the sensor that collects the swing data to the mobile app that shows and translates the captured information. Quickly download the Zepp app onto your mobile device and customize use by providing the information being asked. Once downloaded, pair your sensor and device via Bluetooth and in an instant you can head on to swinging. This integration will only take you a few minutes following the installation guide. Zepp Golf 2 is compatible with both iOS and Android systems of your mobile phone or tablet.

The video below showcases live use of the app and golf swing analyzer at a driving range so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use.

Now, let’s dig into the Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer and validate Zepp’s claims:

Tracking Capability

Golf 2 Swing Analyzer captures your swing and translates it into stats and metrics. Data that determines club head speed and swing plane, hand direction, swing tempo, backswing angle and hip rotation are all read by the analyzer and constitute your swing characteristics. The sensor works perfectly as it shows no lag time from the shot made to bringing in the data on your mobile device.

Another way it tracks is by recording every shot so that you're able to review your swing from various views and angles, like club plane, hand path, and swing shape and top, front, side, back, and angular views of your swing. This feature will enable you to closely study your swing to develop a perfect swing or a swing that will work for you. These are two different scenarios as the analyzer provides metrics that are theoretical and actual views that are practical.

When it comes to the app data presentation, Zepp made sure that it is easily understandable with a traffic light color coding and scoring system. The colors and scores represent your progress towards the goal. For instance, a green color is a positive determinant on a swing metric and a score of 90/100 is a close to perfect shot.

Analyzing Data

The stats and metric data gathered from every shot and every game are then analyzed with the use of the app to give instant feedback and evaluation of the critical aspects of the swing. The swing analysis, most of the time is accurate, however on occasions (probably bugs), it gives an illogical score, which you can disregard and reset for another shot.

Also, you can analyze your swings with Zepp Golf 2 swing analysis. The app automatically video records your swing in real time from any position to see exactly your poise and the way you swing your club. Video playback can be enabled to see your swing in an elapsed manner and better evaluate it or have an instructor give pointers on where to improve.

Zepp Insight sends right to your email detailed daily and weekly reports of your performances with corresponding videos and different views to help you develop your swing.

Comparing Your Swing

Now that you have recorded videos of your swings, you can compare them side-by-side with the best players on Tour in 3D and HD videos, or even to your own videos to track your improvement. Watch their swings frame-by-frame to see how they do it.

Improving Your Game

As you practice each swing and get the needed data to improve it, it would be wiser to continue learning from others, especially from the pros training videos. Zepp 2 Golf Swing Analyzer compiles swing analysis videos, hands-on training, and access drills designed by some of the best golf instructors to help you improve your swing. Purposely train with a set goal with the library of training resources.

Some of the practice drills included are baseball swing, swish drills, kneel drill, and a lot more. There’s also a training plan included on which you will be provided with a video clip for you to follow. Practice on the training and test yourself after to see your improvement. These parts of the app are truly motivating because you are given references and practice to elevate your game. Using this can add another dimension to your training rather than just trying to figure out your swing faults yourself by providing drills and video guides.

One outstanding feature of Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer is the SmartCoach that customizes a set of drills for you, based on your swing data. The app will prompt you to hit 10 balls as a basis to analyze your shot, then look for areas to improve. After which, SmartCoach will recommend training specifically designed to develop your shot making.

Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer Quick Specs Guide




Bluetooth 4.0

App Compatibility

iOS and Android

Mobile App

Zepp Golf App with In-app features

Swing Data


Video Recording


3D views





Rechargeable lithium polymer battery; USB recharging

Operation Time

8 hours




Zepp Golf 2 Swing Analyzer is definitely worth the additional cost for an upgrade to its already potent predecessor. The new look is an improvement and this analyzer offers more than the standard features many swing analyzers have. Zepp Golf 2 packs more with in-app contents and resources such as drills, training, and SmartCoach added to improve your swing and all-round game.

Although all the data it provides are useful, it takes some time to familiarize and learn how it can work best to fit with your training. Take some time to get used to it and you will get the most from it and take advantage of all its features.

Just like any other swing analyzer, the Zepp Golf 2 can only give you feedback and advice with the service it provides. Making progress on your swing and game will take dedication, time and practice to hone your skills. Perfecting your swing is still all dependent on you.

the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

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