Garmin TruSwing Review – Will It Improve Your Game?

When it comes to golf, there is the short game and the long game. You need to be great at both if you want to become an expert. Both can, and both should be improved.

One easy way to improve your swing or putt is to hire a coach to monitor your technique and give you advice on how to improve it. This can be expensive. Another great option is to invest in a device which can do the coaching for you.

The Garmin TruSwing with TruSwing Garmin App can help you to improve your swing, helping you to hit the ball further and with more accuracy. We tried one out so that you get all of the needed information before you shell out your hard earned cash. Our article will help you to make an informed choice when it comes to choosing the perfect device to perfect your swing.

What is the Garmin TruSwing?

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The Garmin TruSwing is a device which attaches to your club to monitor your swing and give you feedback. It comes with the TruSwing Garmin app which can be downloaded to your smart device. This can be downloaded here:

Your swing metrics are displayed on the app and are easy to read and understand at a glance. These metrics can be displayed on your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or any other smart device.

You will also have access to 3D animations of your swing with side by side comparisons to better help you understand where your swing is going right and wrong.


The device is easy to attach to your club and sync via Bluetooth with the app.

We had no problems attaching the device to our club, and do not think that you would have any problems attaching the device to your club, no matter its size.

The device mounts below the grip and out of the way of your hands. There is a soft pad around the inside of the clip so that it does not mark the shaft of your club. There is a white line at the top of the TruSwing that you need to line up with the leading edge of the club so that it knows where the club face is.

It is also extremely light, so your swing is not changed as you are using the device. 

When comparing the TruSwing to the best golf swing analyzer apps on the market, accuracy of data is one of the key criteria we look at. The setup of the device and calibration to the club face is important when it comes to accuracy and consistency of measurements.

One of the drawbacks to the TruSwing is that it does not require a calibration with the club and relies on your eyesight for correct setup and alignment. This is where the SkyCaddie SkyPro is better in our opinion. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Garmin TruSwing Swing Metrics

Once you have attached the device to your club and downloaded and installed the app, you can get to work. The sensor will track your swing every time you swing your club at the ball. The app will then help you to understand how your swing metrics affect the flight of the ball. You will be met with metrics such as swing tempo, speed, club-path measurements, critical angles, and much more. You can also upload this information to the Garmin community website to see additional data and comments from other members.

Being able to upload your data means that it is saved for you. It also means you have access to your previous data so that you can compare your current metrics and find out how you have improved over time or what you are missing over and over. You can also discuss these metrics with your online friends or any online professionals.

The real-time information helps you monitor your swing and see where you are going wrong. You can also compare two of your swings with the 3D animation by overlaying them over each other to get instant feedback on one of your swings. The app will then help to guide you in hitting the ball further and more accurately.

Although the app provides a good range of swing metrics, it doesn't give specific feedback on your numbers and you are left to interpret them yourself. It would also be helpful if they gave specific training tips or drills to work on to improve your numbers. This is a definite area for improvement in the software for Garmin, perhaps something they will work on in the future.

Garmin GPS Golf Device Compatibility

This Garmin TruSwing device is also the only device which is compatible with other Garmin GPS golf devices. If you have a Garmin Approach S4, S5, S6, [easyazon_link identifier="B01AX444EK" locale="US" tag="nichwebs0e-20"]S20[/easyazon_link], or x40, or an Approach G7 or G8, you can sync with the sensor and Garmin app.

Instead of using your smart device to track your swing on a round, you can use the Garmin device. Along with getting information about the course as you are navigating it, you can combine that information with the metrics and analysis you are getting from each swing.

With some of the Garmin GPS devices, you can also see additional wrist-path data. This additional data is recorded and displayed in the 3D animation of your swing. You can use this information to see how your wrist travels through your swing. When you relate this to the path of the club and how the ball is hit, you are better able to adjust your shot to get the perfect hit every time.

What Else Do You Get?

Along with easy to navigate, at a glance data, you get lots more to help track and improve your swing. The 3D swing metrics include:

  • Swing tempo - the ratio of timing of your backswing to your downswing. A 3:1 ratio is best.
  • Swing speed - the speed of the clubhead when it hits the ball. This determines the distance of your shot;
  • Club path coordinates - see your club path in 3D
  • Club path - illustrates your club's horizontal motion from overhead. It can be in-out or out-in.
  • Face to target angle - the angle of your clubface in relation to your target path, or the direction the clubface points at the start of the swing. The metric shows whether this angle is open or closed.
  • Dynamic loft - the loft angle of the clubface at impact, plus or minus the loft offset from the shaft lean and club face. That is, angle the club backward and you'll get more loft offset; angle it forward and you'll get less.
  • Shaft angle - the angle between the shaft and the ground, measured from the center of the shaft. The Garmin TruSwing measures this at both address and at impact so that you can compare the two metrics.
  • Shaft lean -  the forward angle or backward angle you're holding the club, measured from a 90 degree vertical angle. The Garmin TruSwing measures this at both address and at impact. When measured at impact it determines the amount of dynamic loft in your stroke. 

When this is all put together, you get a rich 3D animation which is unlike any other golfing app. You can then use this animation to combine swings side by side.

The device has been designed to be small and light. The unobtrusive design means that your data can be tracked without the device getting in your way.

For such a small device, the battery life is great. The lithium-ion battery, which is fully rechargeable, gives you up to 12 hours of battery life (enough time for multiple rounds of golf).

The device is also easy to mount onto your club. We had no problems with it, and we cannot foresee you having any problems either.

Garmin TruSwing Review



Very easy setup

No calibration of device to club face, relies on eyesight for alignment

Good range of swing metrics

You can't edit club loft in the app to match the actual loft of your club

Compatibility with Garmin Smartwatch

Accuracy of metrics appears 

Good visual representation of your swing

Garmin App could provide more information about the data it displays and how to use this information to improve your game.


We like a lot about this device and app. It is easy to attach and easy to use, but the thing we like most about it is the compatibility with other Garmin GPS devices. For a start, you do not need to carry your phone around with you while you are on the links. This is especially beneficial if you are using a Garmin smartwatch. The watch can attach to your wrist and give you all the data you get from the sensor.

We love the rich data which you get from the device and the side-by-side swing comparisons. The online community has a lot of members and gives you some real insight from those who have been using the device and playing the game for a long time — a great device for any golfer.

Garmin TruSwing

Is available at a discount price on Amazon:


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