Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Whoever said that golf was a nice walk ruined had obviously never played golf. Golf is one of the most relaxing and meditative sports there is. You can play solo, against others, and as part of a team. It is a sport which is open to experts and novices alike. There is only one small problem: We all know that we can do better.

We all want to improve our golf game. One of the most frustrating things is when you can play a shot in your head but cannot play it with your body.

So, what is the answer?

  • You could practice more. That would help, but it can be beneficial to see where you are going wrong. 
  • You could hire a coach. That would definitely help but is also very expensive.
  • The third option is to invest in the Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer.

Introducing the Blast Golf Swing Analyzer

The Blast Golf Swing Trainer is an all-in-one trainer for any golfer. 

The package includes a sensor which attaches to the end of your club, a charging pad, and an app which can be used on any smart device.

With the app, you can record video of all of your strokes and then analyze them with overlaid metrics. The in-app training center will then give you tips and strategies to improve on your strokes.

Why Should You Choose Blast Golf?

With the Blast golf package, you get everything you need to improve your game. We recommend Blast Motion Golf over other Golf Swing Analyzer Apps that are out there – for example, the Zepp Golf app.

When we pitted Blast Golf vs Zepp Golf, we came away with a sense of satisfaction from the Blast app.

Easy Sensor Setup

The device is straightforward to use. The Blast sensor attaches to almost any golf club with its easy-to-use system. This sensor allows you to capture your swing and putt metrics.

Mobile Video Analysis

The smart video capture also makes the system easy to use. The app will automatically capture video of your swings and strokes, overlaying them with metrics, and analyzing your game.

Tried and Tested by the Pros

This system is also used and trusted by over 200 professional players around the world. It is a tool which the pros use to improve their game, and coaches use it extensively to improve the game of the people they are coaching. Blast is a trusted brand which will help you to improve your game.

Let’s take a closer look.

Blast Motion Golf Setup

The video below from Blast Motion Golf provides a quick overview of getting started with the swing analyzer using the putter as an example. After unboxing and charging the sensor and setting up your account on the app, you pair the sensor and attach it to your club and you're ready to start capturing metrics.

The motion sensor is precision engineered to fit onto almost any golf club. We have not found a club yet to which we have been unable to attach the sensor. It does not matter if you are using a driver or a putter, the sensor sill fit on the end with the rubber cap over it.

There is also no need to worry about altering the way you hit the ball. You will not even feel the sensor on the end of your club, and there is no danger that it will throw off your swing.

Blast Golf App Metrics

The best players in the world repeat their backswing and putting backstroke times within 1/100th of a second - improve your swing and putting consistency with Blast Motion Golf.

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The app is excellent for showing you all of your metrics as you are hitting the ball. The app will work with iOS and Android, smartphone or tablet. A recent upgrade has made it compatible with even more of your smart devices. When you hit the ball, the app will give you your full metrics and analysis.

Once you have the app installed on your smart device, the patented smart technology will identify when you are swinging the club and record your motion. The app will then edit your swings into one video so that you can track the mistakes you are making over time.

Blast Motion Putting Metrics

When you are putting, the device will track:

  • Back stroke time;
  • Forward stroke time;
  • Total stroke time;
  • Putting tempo;
  • Loft;
  • Back stroke rotation;
  • Forward stroke rotation;
  • Rotation change

Blast Motion Full Swing Metrics

When you are in full swing, the app will track:

  • Backswing time;
  • Downswing time;
  • Total swing time;
  • Swing tempo;
  • Swing speed;
  • Blast factor;
  • Power index;
  • Efficiency index
  • Velocity direction;
  • Energy transfer.

With so much being tracked and recorded, you are sure to find the tweak which will improve your stroke.

Will I Improve My Game?

We truly believe that you will. We have tested the app and sensor, and there is no doubt that it can do wonders for your game. For the novice, it will notice big mistakes, and for the expert, it will highlight small tweaks which can be made. With the sensor and app, it has never been easier to analyze your performance. It is also a great benefit to be able to track your own progress over time.

Not only will you see visible results and be able to track how your game is improving through your scores, but you will be able to track which parts of your game have improved and which still need work.

The video capture and relay will not only show you your swing and putt but will also put numbers to those motions. That way, you are not left guessing how to improve your shots. You also benefit from a personalized training center which will give you advice on how to improve your stroke and what parts of your game to work on. We believe that this device and app will help to improve the game of almost anyone.

Wrapping Up

We like how easy this device and app are to use. We had no problems attaching the sensor to our clubs or downloading the app. Once the app was installed, it was easy to set the sensor up and begin tracking our swings. The device and app are straightforward to use with intuitive controls for anyone.

Tracking your progress over time is a great benefit and will help you to make wholesale changes and small tweaks. The video capture really helps you to analyze your game and get a feel for where you are going right and wrong, while the numbers tell you exactly what to focus on. A great device.


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