Best Golf Swing Analyzer App – Our Top 5 for 2019

The Swing is both the most basic and most important skill one must have in playing golf. It determines how the club will approach the ball as well as the poise and strength needed to guide the ball’s trajectory towards the hole. Being a fundamental skill, the swing, consists of different key positions at every point: from getting the proper balance and posture, to making the full swing arc, to impact and finally on to the follow-through. So, achieving a good swing is as crucial as holing out is in the goal of playing golf. Can one of the best golf swing analyzer apps help you in achieving your goal?

The basics of the swing can be learned and mastered with practice. And your swing can be unique to you as you discover what works best as you play the game. This process of learning and practicing is done manually by having someone (a coach or a caddie) look at your swing and criticize it until you perfect it. Quite often it is difficult to notice issues with your swing yourself, so a second (or third) person perspective is helpful in making progress in improving your swing.

Introducing the Best Golf Swing Analyzer App

This shouldn’t be a concern to amateur golfers nowadays, as technology and innovations are also invading the game of golf (as well as just about everything else). Getting the right swing by practising and actual playing can now be aided with applications that analyze the swing and provide you with hard data from it. This means that you can analyze and calculate your own swing movements to achieve your desired swing. Known as Golf Swing Analyzer Applications (Apps), these devices measure and record information about the swing’s motion with sensors that are attached to the club or your body. These Apps then display statistics and other data about your swing on your pc, tablet or smartphone. Some swing analyzers also let you video record your swing for self-learning and critiquing; comparing your swing with others, even with professional players on tour; or send videos to coaches or other players to help you improve your swing. Thus, the apps offer insights into your game and turn it into workable information to help you become a better golfer.

So, among the growing list of golf swing analyzer apps today, which is the best one? Taking into consideration usability, reliability, functionality and the available features, and actual customer satisfaction, we’ve compiled the best golf swing analyzer apps in the market in this review. Sit back, relax, and learn how you can hit those greens in regulation with these high-tech golf apps.

Swingbyte 2 Golf Swing Analyzer App

best golf swing analyzer app

The Swingbyte 2 is more robust and has added functionality compared to its predecessor and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It boasts a wrap-around design to prevent frequent movement, thus providing more accurate data. The wrap-around is twist-resistant and holds the sensor tightly in place, preventing it from rotating, so it doesn’t interfere with the swing movement. Its lightweight sensor fits any golf club, which is easily attachable just below the grip. Connect it with the app via bluetooth and automatically start to record your swing activities in your iOS or Android devices.

As a Swing Analyzer, Swingbyte 2 provides: 

A 360-degree view of your swing. Gives front on, down the line, overhead, and 3D views to help you see the different angles and directions of your swing. You can also compare two swings side-by-side;

Data and metrics of (1) club head speed and acceleration, trajectory path, and different angles following an impact and (2) Angle of attack and swing tempo details;

Data recording via your smartphone or tablet and automatically upload to Swingbyte’s website. Swings uploaded can be easily accessed by users. The App quickly analyzes swing data and provides valuable feedback to help improve your swing.

Review online analytics of your swing data by sharing it with a pro and on Facebook. Compare it with other users in the Swingbyte community too;

Complete swing history and trends to see how you are progressing and address concern areas; and

Video instruction and tour data to further guide you as you develop your swing and game.

Does the Swingbyte 2 Analyzer deliver results?

In the below video Mary Ritchie LPGA, provides a short 6 minute review that shows off the results from this best golf swing analyzer app.

Users agree that Swingbyte 2 is indeed an improved version of its predecessor by bringing in upgrades on the software primarily. The app is very responsive and easy to navigate, showcasing a slicker looking dashboard with new set of features and improved analytics. It tracks a ton of information regarding swing metrics that is indeed very helpful, however, newbies may take some time learning what the app says. But this can be simply addressed by continuously using the app and asking for advice from other players and coaches. Swing speed measurements are pretty accurate, too, between 1-2mph difference in reading with a professional tracker device.

Despite improving the latching mechanism in Swingbyte 2, users often comment that it still slips and rotates around the shaft, especially when swinging hard. This movement makes the reading inconsistent and unreliable. For the analyzer to be more dependable, one must reposition it religiously. Also, there were reports that the sensor’s plastic casing easily breaks and that the battery fails after long use, which makes the analyzer for some not durable. But it is worth mentioning that despite the mentioned downsides, Swingbyte has excellent customer service. So, if you happen to experience any of these, know that their back-end support is highly reliable.

With the above feedback in mind, Swingbyte 2 gets an average nod from users. Considering the fairly low cost of this golf swing analyzer app (comparatively speaking) it is a smart investment if you want to get some data to work with but don’t want to break the bank.

Swingbyte 2

​​​​is available from Amazon at a discount price via this link:

Garmin TruSwing Golf Club Sensor

best golf swing analyzer app

Garmin’s take on the golf club sensor chunks all the features to improve swing consistency for better games. TruSwing is Garmin’s first take on golf accessories, but with their vast experience in GPS development for sports their reputation for delivering quality products precedes them.

Garmin’s TruSwing sensor is lightweight and very portable and is easy to attach onto any club to clamp below the grip. It uses an accelerometer and gyroscope in its sensor to collect a variety of data that includes swing speed and tempo, club path and face angle, and shaft lean. You can then check these metrics on your compatible smartphone, tablet, and wrist watch via the Garmin Connect Mobile App.

As a Swing Analyzer, Garmin’s TruSwing provides:

Real-time 3D swing animations and side-by-side swing comparisons for quick feedback on your practice or game sessions;

Easy to understand overview of data such as swing tempo, speed, club path measurements, and face angles;

An online golf community with Garmin Connect where you can easily upload and analyze data collected. Share and discuss your metrics online with golf pros, enthusiasts, and coaches;

Comparison of current and previous practice sessions or games;

Interface with other Garmin GPS golf wrist watches (Approach S4, S5, S6, S20 ang X40). This means that you will be able to view the metrics even without your smartphone, especially on actual games. Pairing with Approach S6 will give additional wrist-path data.

Does the Garmin TruSwing deliver results?

TruSwing got mixed reviews from users who mostly commented on its reading accuracy, which is obviously very important in assessing the best golf swing analyzer app. Some say that it doesn’t provide accurate data because it is difficult to align with the club and it’s hard to keep the sensor in place. Yes, as with all swing analyzers, constant moving of the sensor and its misalignment to the shaft would result in inconsistent swing information results. The only remedy is to ensure that you keep it in the right place all the time, which some find a hassle when practicing.

On the other hand, Garmin TruSwing for some is a ‘good enough’ choice to aide their playing with the useful data it provides. It may be less accurate and precise than other more expensive analyzer apps at times, but all-in-all it is useful to help correct bad swings. Better yet, just be careful in placing the club so results can be optimized. With TruSwing, don’t expect perfect results, but be certain that it does help correct problem areas of your swing.

Garmin TruSwing Golf Club Sensor

​​​​is available from Amazon at a discount price via this link:

Mobiplex SwingTIP Golf Swing Analyzer

best golf swing analyzer app

SwingTIP brands itself as the industry’s most affordable, effective, and easy-to-use mobile golf swing analyzer app in the market today at roughly $120. This is value for money for a highly reliable golf swing accessory that certainly has the features of its competitors at a lower price.

SwingTIP is a bluetooth enabled sensor that easily clips onto any golf club and is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices. It captures and records your swing to a 3D animation display and analyzes video recordings through metrics measurements and instructor-like analysis. The motion sensor uses advanced pattern recognition to capture and analyze the entire movement of a golf swing, then transmits recordings to your mobile device for analysis.

As a Swing Analyzer, SwingTIP provides:

Real time golf analysis transmitted via bluetooth to iOS and Smart phones and tablets;

Hands-free video recording that lets you review and share your swing for advice. It captures movements swing-after-swing

A 3D Swing analysis and metrics across five swing checkpoints. It displays swings from three different angles (target, front, and top) and lets you compare different swings with each other.

A record of performance and stats. The free Mobicoach online account has a dashboard that reports progress and scores on practices and games.

A Mobicoach app that gives feedback and analysis on your recorded swings and connects you with an instructor for live video. It also provides an interactive platform for users to learn from each other and from an instructor.

Does the SwingTIP Analyzer deliver results?

SwingTIP resonates well with users because it’s a good value for their money. The low price didn’t diminish on quality but rather gives you a good amount of data to help you improve your golf swing. SwingTIP has a great reporting feature with information neatly presented on the app that makes it easy to understand. Unlike the other analyzers, it is relatively good at attaching to the club, but still needs tweaking occasionally to make sure it is in place. Plus, the design is unobtrusive so that you won’t feel there’s a sensor attached.

The data SwingTIP provides is most helpful when translated by a coach or a pro. Beginners might have a hard time treating the information by themselves. Luckily there’s an email feature, which you can share so others could give feedback on your results.

Mobiplex SwingTip Golf Swing Analyzer

​​​​is available from Amazon at a discount price via this link:

SkyCaddie SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer

best golf swing analyzer app 2015’s winner of the best full swing analyzer, Sky Caddie’s SKyPro was said to be at the top of every tester’s list because of its usability and actionable data accuracy. It doesn’t just analyze a swing but will guide a golf enthusiast to improve their game.

As with the other gadgets in this list, SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer is a compact sensor that attaches below the grip of the golf club. It utilizes Anti-Rotational Stability (ARS) to ensure SkyPro stays calibrated and aligned throughout a session. It monitors the club’s motion during a swing and transmits data wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet, either iOS or Android, which delivers instant feedback on your recorded swing performance.

As a Swing Analyzer, SkyPro provides:

Fast, accurate, and easy feedback to your swing. It immediately transfers data via wireless to your mobiles phone. Talking about accuracy, it has a precise club calibration using the sensors in your iPhone that takes 3,600 measurements a second;

A detailed analysis of your swing from any angle and compare it to a favorite swing. You may also use its checkpoint system to learn about your club’s position at key points of the swing. It also has a putting feature that lets you view overhead, front and back, and face on look angles;

3D Freedom View that lets you view a swing ifrom many different angles;

Playback options, zoom and rotate for close-up analysis.

A cloud storage that backs up all your files, so they don’t get lost. It is a repository of your swing records and performance that will also enable you to share it to a friend or instructor for feedback and advice.

Powerful 8 hours of continuous use without the need to switch off;

Does the SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer deliver results?

SkyPro Swing Analyzer gives prompt feedback that are valuable to your playing, however might need someone to look at it for the data you collected to be maximized. When you take a shot, it does instantly gives feedback to tell you what is wrong with your swing, but it doesn’t tell you how to fix it. You must be someone who understands the data and is self-motivated in playing to get the most of your results. Otherwise, you would need a pro to help you interpret the data. It is however a good feedback tool to better your swing and your overall game. Just be aware that you will have to dedicate some time to understanding what the data means.

Battery charging and bluetooth connectivity issues were most of the reported concerns from users, which were only fixed by replacing the unit. Good thing, customer service gives good assistance to returns and replacements.

Skycaddie Skypro Golf  Swing Analyzer App

​​​​is available from Amazon at a discount price via this link:

3Bays GSA-Zone Swing Analyzer

The lightest and smallest sensor in the market, 3Bays GSA-Zone is an update on the popular GSA Pro. Unlike the other sensors that clip onto the shaft and have issues of moving and rotating, the GSA-Zone Swing Analyzer fits securely at the end of the club’s grip. Connectivity is also via bluetooth and is compatible with both iOS and Android systems and turns on with a push of a button.

Because it is easy to use, 3Bays GSA-Zone is not just for professional users but also for beginners who take improving their swing seriously. You get a good amount of data for each swing, such as face angle, shaft lean, club head speed, swing tempo and consistency, and swing path.

Best Golf Swing Analyzer App

As a Swing Analyzer, 3Bays GSA Zone provides:

Quick data uploading of swings and shots (within 2-3 seconds);

Smart data focusing on the broader concept of keeping the face and path within certain ranges or continuum from closed to square to open, instead of specific values which is often not accurate;

Easy to use button that seamlessly integrates with compatible mobile phones and tablets;

In-app video recording for self-diagnosis of swing;

3D images of your swing that can be viewed on various angles with playback options;

Best swing comparisons to yours or your instructor’s. Compare it also with a Pro via the GSA Zone app pre-loaded with PGA coach Rob Eastwood’s swings;

Illustrations on release point and optimal point, so one can see the difference;

Real-time monitoring of your swing arc motions and alerts when you have over-swung.

Does the GSA-Zone Swing Analyzer deliver results?

In the video below, PGA Professional Mark Crossfield reviews the 3Bays Golf Swing Analyzer App and compares the results obtained to the results given by the much more expensive Trackman launch monitor. The results are quite surprising given the huge difference in cost between these 2 units, Mark finds the 3Bays device to be quite accurate. See for yourself by checking out the video.

Everyone’s expectation with swing analyzers is of course in the accuracy of the data it provides. After all it is its main task. With GSA-Zone, there were also inconsistencies between the metrics and stats results. While the swing path and club face angle reading looks accurate, the swing speed and distance related readings were a bit off. This may be a case on how it is attached to the club, GSA-Zone is pinned over the club handle versus the clip onto the shaft like with the Swingbyte 2 for example. Good thing with this though is that it just looks like a part of the club when attached and doesn’t shake off on swings. It is indeed very light and doesn’t interfere with your swing rhythm. Although there were reports that it detaches on heavier swings.

While the swing data it brings are useful, it will take some time to understand it and will need somebody else’s advice (or your own research). The putting feature needs to be improved on the next product updates. It is also on the upper echelon when it comes to price, so cheaper models that delivers can be better options.

3Bays GSA Pro Golf Swing Analyzer App

​​​​is available from Amazon at a discount price via this link:


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