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Best Driver Swing Thoughts – Set Your Mind Free

Golf is not only a game of the body but also a game of the mind. Achieving the right mental balance while hitting a drive has been found to be beneficial to play better shots for amateurs and professionals alike. Sports psychologists have been studying what goes on in the mind of a player while preparing […]

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Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Whoever said that golf was a nice walk ruined had obviously never played golf. Golf is one of the most relaxing and meditative sports there is. You can play solo, against others, and as part of a team. It is a sport which is open to experts and novices alike. There is only one small […]

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Best Golf Swing Analyzer App – Our Top 5 for 2019

The Swing is both the most basic and most important skill one must have in playing golf. It determines how the club will approach the ball as well as the poise and strength needed to guide the ball’s trajectory towards the hole. Being a fundamental skill, the swing, consists of different key positions at every […]

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Golf Ball Compression vs Swing Speed

When it comes to choosing a golf ball, there is something of a contentious issue in the compression of the golf ball. There have been numerous conversations around low-compression vs. high-compression golf balls, and how they are affected by your swing speed. There really is no agreement to which compression is right, no matter how many […]

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Best Ball vs Scramble – Golf Games Explained

You have heard the term ‘Best Ball Scramble,’ right? You have probably even played a round of Best Ball Scramble. Well, what if I told you that there is no such thing? Best Ball and Scramble  are actually two different forms of the game and are not combined into one over-arching game. Golf is a great […]

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Arccos Golf vs Game Golf – Which Is Best?

When it comes to tracking the finer points of your golf game, there are two companies which we recommend, Game Golf and Arccos Golf. Game Golf has been around for a while, while Arccos Golf is one of the newcomers on the market. Both have their merits, and this article will help you to decide […]

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