Apple Watch Golf Swing Analyzer – Best Apps 2019

You are out on the links; you line up your next shot, you glance at your watch, you adjust your shot slightly, glance at your watch again, hit the ball, take a look at your watch, and hit your shot, adjusting your swing on your next shot. Are you worried about the time? No, you are using your Apple Watch and a golf swing analyzer (among many other golfing apps).

Apple Watches have come a long way since they were first released and are great for pairing with golf. Not only do they have an app for everything golf related, but they also fit innocuously on your wrist and do not get in the way. A quick glance at the screen can tell you everything you need to know about the lie of the next green or what mistakes you made with your last stroke.

There are some excellent apps for analyzing your swing whenever you take a shot, and we are here to look at the two most popular.

What is the Best Golf Swing App for Apple Watch?

We have used many apps for analyzing our golf swing, and we have chosen the Zepp and the TrackMyGolf golf swing analyzers. Both are robust and helpful apps. Take a look at what we found and make an informed choice on your next great golf app.

Golf Swing Analyzer by TrackMyGolf

TrackMyGolf was one of the first companies which realized that you did not need expensive sensors to track the swing of a golf club. By using Apple Watch, a swing can be tracked as well, if not better, with the right software. This is the main advantage of both apps on our short list, the fact that once you have the app (assuming that you have an Apple Watch), you do not need to pay for any other additional equipment.

This app will analyze your swing through the Apple Watch. By using AI technology, the app will learn with you as you play golf to better instruct you on how to play better golf (we hope that makes sense). The app will use the watch to analyze your swing and present you with the crucial data needed to improve on it. One thing we love about the app and watch is the accuracy. You could swing up to 100 times a second and there would be no accuracy lost in the resulting data.

Each time you hit the ball, you will be presented with your swing speed and power. You will also be able to visualize your swing in full 3D animation. You can then rotate the animation to see your swing from any angle. This is extremely important when you are trying to hone the finer details of your swing.

You also have access to your tempo, swing plane, impact angle, swing path, grip angle, and swing power. This data is then stored in the cloud so you can access it any time you want and compare your swings or data over time.

There is no internet connection needed when you are using the app as a swing analyzer, meaning that you can golf anywhere without having to worry about a connection. You can also wear the watch on your left or right hand without having to make any adjustments. The watch also sits on your wrist so there is no worrying about an attachment to your club which can throw off your game.

Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

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Zepp is one of the leaders in sensors for sports, so it is no surprise that they have gotten into the golf market. Once you have your app downloaded and installed on your Apple Watch, it is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Simply open the app to get started and play your game. Each time you hit the ball, you can lift your wrist to view your data. When you glance at your watch, you will instantly be able to see your tempo, hand path, and hand speed on your screen.

You can set up goals with the app. When you glance at your wrist after a stroke, you will be able to see if you are hitting those goals. A number in green means that you are in the range of your goal, a yellow number means that you need to improve in that area, and a red number means that you are not hitting your goal. You can adjust your goals as you play, setting up goals for backswing and club plane.

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Another nifty feature is the ability to swipe right to see a map of your location as you are playing. You can also change the club which you are using before swiping back to the main screen to take your shot. When you finish your round, you will get data for your entire session. You will get average scores and consistency scores for tempo, hand plane, and hand speed.

With this app, you can track your stats for each shot and for your round on average. The app will also display color-coded numbers for your consistency, alerting you to the areas in which you are performing well and those which need some work.

Here is LGPA Tour Pro Michelle Wie demonstrating the benefits of this nifty Apple Watch Golf Swing Analyzer:

Want to know more about Zepp 2?

We've given you the highlights but there's a lot of competition in the golf swing analyzer market. If you're looking to know more about this great Apple Watch Golf Swing Analyzer before you make up your mind then check out our detailed review of the Zepp 2.


There are many benefits to using a golf swing analyzer app with your Apple Watch, and you cannot go wrong with either of these. One of the main benefits we found in using an app, other than the cost, is the ease. You do not have to switch your sensor to another club to track its data. The watch is always on your wrist, so you get data for every shot which you take.

A swing analyzer app for your Apple Watch will benefit your golf game. Most apps only cost a few dollars, and some are free. Choose the one which is right for you and start improving your game.


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